Selection of Ultrasonic Power In China

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Selection of Ultrasonic Power


When the sound intensity is increased, ratio of maximum radius and start radius of cavitation bubble will be increased, cavitation strength will be increased, and the higher the sound intensity is, the stronger the cavitation is, and it is good for cleaning. However, it does not mean that the higher the power is, the better it is. If the sound intensity is too high, lots of useless air bubbles will be generated, which can increase the scatter attenuation to form the sound barrier. The increasing of sound intensity can increase the nonlinear attenuation, which can weaken the cleaning effect in location for areas that arefar from the sound source, cavitation of metal for vibrating plate in bottom of cleaner will be serious at the same time, and the water corrosion will be increased. If the surface of vibrating plate has been corroded by cavitation, then the cavitation corrosion generated in water under high power will be more serious, which will reduce the working life of equipment. However, if the ultrasonic cleaning power is too low, the dirt will be hard to be cleaned away even for a long time, so it is unfeasible.

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