Ultrasonic equipment breakdown maintenance In China

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Ultrasonic equipment breakdown maintenance


Ultrasonic equipment breakdown maintenance
1. Turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine power switch, the indicator does not light.
Cause and maintenance treatment
1.1 Power switch is damaged, there is no power input; check the circuit is intact, whether GFCI closed
1.2 fuse.
2. Open after ultrasonic cleaning machine power switch, indicator light, but no ultrasound output.
Cause and maintenance treatment
. 2,1 transducer and ultrasonic power board connector plug loose;
. 2,2 fuse;
2.3 ultrasonic power generator fault; open-wire power cord with a multimeter to play, whether it is through FireWire
2.4. Transducers fault. Child burn shock, replace
3. ultrasonic cleaning machine DC blown fuse DCFU.
Cause and maintenance treatment
3.1 bridge rectifier or power tube burned;
3.2. Transducers fault. Aging, the current instability may cause power generator failure
The ultrasonic cleaning machine after turning the power switch, the machine ultrasonic output, but the ideal cleaning effect as before.
Cause and maintenance treatment
4.1 Improper cleaning tank cleaning fluid level; too deep or too low
4.2 ultrasonic frequency coordination is not good tune;
4.3. The cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high or too low
4.4 improper selection of cleaning fluid. The amount is not enough

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