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Ultrasonic welding principle


The basic principle is to use an ultrasonic transducer, a high-frequency electronic energy into high frequency mechanical vibration, ultrasonic welding machine is in the plastic components, by twenty thousand weeks / sec (20KHZ) of high frequency vibration, so that the plastic and rubber and plastics metal to produce twenty thousand times a second, high-speed friction cooked, so plastic fusion. Its conductivity can be divided into two kinds of direct welding method.
Direct fusion: the first to make materials such as wire or band overlap, fixed on the jig plastic welding machine, the allowed energy converter (HORN) in the above direct and produce sonic vibration welding effectiveness.
Conduction welding: the welding time, from the ultrasonic vibration at a distance membership conducting its sonic vibration welding.
A, ultrasonic welding of thermoplastic plastic can except Teflon;
B, ultrasonic welding time is very short, usually in the range (0.05 to 1 second);
C, via the medium such as water, oil, fused to the engaging surface
D, ultrasonic welding effect, up airtight, liquid-tight seal and other effects;
E, can be used for direct welding and conduction;
Energy F, ultrasonic welding machine plastic material varies due to, but not all of the material ultrasonic vibration, vibration for selecting only happen unfamiliar familiar, so no worries scar the surface of the product, this is characteristic of preaching welding. When a hard plastic weld quality, better play its welding results;
G, ultrasonic welding machine does not produce toxic chemicals, such as, the welding process is a safe;
H, no need to add any adhesive, simple operation more efficient.

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