Ultrasound may be used to treat angina In China

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Ultrasound may be used to treat angina


Tohoku University research team has announced that they have developed to promote the use of ultrasonic irradiation heart capillaries forming a new method, this outcome or to help treat angina.
The researchers used different ultrasonic irradiation laboratory cultured human vascular endothelial cells, and found for the newly generated blood vessels are most suitable ultrasonic irradiation conditions. They irradiated with ultrasonic waves with ischemic heart disease pig heart, found within a certain time after repeatedly irradiating ultrasonic waves, capillary portion increases porcine cardiac ischemia, blood flow and myocardial contractile force are improved.
Angina is caused by coronary insufficiency, myocardial sharp, temporary ischemia and hypoxia caused by the onset of chest pain or discomfort as the main performance. When the treatment of angina, in addition to drug treatment, yet can be taken to put the stent or vascular bypass surgery, but it will lead to a greater burden on the patient’s body.
At present, more extensive ultrasonic applications, less burden on the human body, safety has been confirmed. The team believes this research or to help find new ways to treat angina, clinical trials already underway.Ultrasound may be used to treat angina

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